Sunday, January 17, 2016

You Must See Iran

-“What’s the first picture that pops up in your mind when you hear the word Iran?”
-“A big camel in the middle of a God-forsaken desert loafing around and chewing a big gum”
-“Camels don’t chew gums”
-“They don’t!?”
-“No! It’s weed or sth they chew all the time.”
-“Cooool! You guys have so much weed that you feed it to your pets.”
Dizin Hotel , Hotel in Dizin-“Nooo! It’s not THAT kind of weed, and camels are not p…, listen! Do you know how to ski?”
This is a part of the silly Facebook chat I had last night with my European friend who gave me a hard time making him realize Iran and Iraq are two different countries. It’s a bitter truth that Iran, this beautiful country of beautiful people, is getting the most unfair media coverage imposed upon any country. Iran, this island of peace and security in the war-stricken Middle East, offers so many fascinating attractions that its great ski resorts and golden sand dunes are just two items to be checked in a long list that will be far from being your bucket list ;)

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