Sunday, January 17, 2016

Dizin Hotel's Chalets

Dizin Hotel , Hotel in DizinThe mountainous region of Dizin in Iran is like a Mecca to thousands of foreign and Iranian ski lovers who cannot wait for the long skiing season in Iran to take their yearly unforgettable trips to this region. The magic view of majestic mountains make the observer to forget about the chaotic Tehran and lose the track of time. It is no wonder that the tourism-related properties in Dizin make a fortune every winter and Dizin Hotel in Iran is the most successful one. This hotel in Dizin is in fact a complex of accommodation facilities comprising of rooms, suites and chalets. Dizin Hotel is the largest hotel in Dizin and its unrivalled location is the main reason behind its popularity. Still, there are also other reasons that have contributed to this hotel in Dizin’s success and especially with foreign skiers.

Chalets in Dizin

Dizin Hotel , Hotel in DizinAmong other reasons that have made Dizin Hotel the most popular hotel in Dizin, the hotel’s chalets’ popularity with the European skiers is a major one. To European tourists, these chalets at Dizin hotel are reminiscent of the traditional Swiss chalets around Alps. It seems they’re kind of nostalgic to European tourists and that they feel home when they stay in them. All in all, these chalets at Dizin Hotel are much more beautiful than the large buildings_ Dizin Hotel 1 and Dizin Hotel 2_ in which the suites and the rooms are located.  
Another reason that has contributed to Dizin Hotel’s popularity is the very convenient website of this Hotel in Dizin. has been started by the hotel recently and it gives the tourists the possibility to book their rooms in advance which is quite important in the high skiing season in Iran. It happens frequently that the people who do not made their reservation at Dizin Hotel in advance are forced to take accommodation at hotels that are located at some distance from Dizin Ski Resort.

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