Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dizin Hotel - Airport Pickups

Dizin Hotel , Hotel in DizinThere is no public transportation facility from the IKIA Airport in Iran to Tehran, let alone to Dizin Region that is located deep among the majestic mountains of the Alborz Mountain Range. And there are many ski lovers who are sensible enough not to stay in the polluted capital upon their arrival in Tehran and so they head directly to Dizin and spend their first night in Iran at Dizin Hotel. To meet the needs of these tourists, our hotel in Dizin have signed a contract with a transportation company based in Tehran to take care of our airport pickups.

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Dizin Hotel’s Pickups’ Details

1.       The cost of the airport pickups operated on behalf of Dizin Hotel is $60 and it’s for each car we send
Dizin Hotel , Hotel in Dizin
you and not per passenger. The price offered by the transportation company is a fair price because the taxi ride from the airport to Dizin Region is a mountainous ride and it’ll take the taxi driver around 2 and half hours to bring you to our hotel in Dizin.
2.       In the process of reserving your Dizin Hotel’s airport pickup service, you’ll be asked to insert your desired pickup time in the reservation form. Now, if you want to apply for your visa on arrival at the airport, your desired pickup time should be at least two hours after your plane’s landing time; and if you already have your visa, your desired pickup time should be at least one hour after your plane’s landing time. This way the driver from our hotel in Dizin will pick you up smoothly and without any delays.

Where will I find Dizin Hotel’s Driver?

The Arrivals floor at the international IKIA Airport has two parts; Arrivals A and Arrivals B. Dizin Hotel’s driver will be waiting for you right next to the main entrance to Arrivals A, at your desired pickup time and he’ll have a big red 7 in his hand to help you identify him. The drivers from our hotel in Dizin will wait for the tourists for only an hour, so you’d better choose your desired pickup time carefully. Furthermore, the taxi driver will charge you an extra amount of $3 for every half an hour you keep him waiting.
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