Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hotel in Dizin - Gajereh Hotel

Dizin Hotel , Hotel in DizinThe International Dizin Ski Resort in Iran is a blessing to this county’s tourism. Embraced by the majestic Alborz Mountain Range, Dizin Ski Resort attracts thousands of tourists every year who do not come only in winters to ski or snowboard on its amazing powdery snow but also in springs and summers when the resort’s wrongfully green slopes offer grass skiing. Being invaded by a large number of tourists, there have been many property owners who have made the best out of this opportunity and have started tourism related businesses like hotels in Dizin Region and at this moment that I’m writing this article_ Jan 2016, Dizin Hotel in Iran is the most lucrative business in the region. Despite the unrivalled popularity of this hotel in Dizin, there have always been other hotels in the vicinity of Dizin Ski Resort who have had their own shares of income.

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Gajereh Hotel in Dizin

Although its 2km distance from Dizin Ski Resort has made it to be the second most popular hotel in Dizin, Gajereh Hotel has tried its best to attract its own share of tourists by its lower rooms’ rates and also cleaner facilities compared to those at Dizin Hotel. Furthermpter, Gajereh Hotel in Dizin provides its guests with its transportation service to and from the ski resort to solve the inconvenience of the distance. Below I have listed the rooms’ rates at Gajereh Hotel to give an idea of the nature of the rivalry that’s going on between this hotel and Dizin Hotel.
Gajereh Hotel; Rates
Type of Room
Rates per Night
Single/Double/ Twin-bed Rooms
Three-bed Rooms(3 beds)
Suites with 4 beds
The cost of adding 1 bed to suites
Note: Breakfast is included in the rates.

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Dizin Hotel , Hotel in DizinBeing located at the heart of the mountains, there is no public transportation facility in the vicinity of Dizin Region. And seeing how Dizin Hotel’s airport pickup service has boosted the number of the tourists who choose this hotel for accommodation, Gajereh hotel in Dizin also signed a contract with Seven Hostel in Tehran to make use of this popular hostel’s accurately-timed airport pickup services. With Seven Hostel in Tehran being the same organizer of airport pickups for both of the hotels, the pickups are all done at the fixed price of $60 for each taxi the hostel sends the tourists.
All in all, Dizin hotel with its unrivalled location is the most popular hotel in Dizin and other hotels like Gajereh Hotel have a lot more to do to attract their fair shares of tourists who take frequent trips to Dizin Region every year.

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