Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dizin Hotel - Dizin Ski Resort

Dizin Hotel , Hotel in DizinDizin Ski Resort and Dizin Hotel in Iran are the greatest and the most famous ski complex in the Middle East. Aside from the thousands of local skiers who are quite frequent to this international ski resort, there are many foreign skiers who visit this resort every year and enjoy a memorable skiing experience. It’s sort of unbelievable to foreign tourists that there is such a great skiing opportunity at Dizin Ski Resort in the country of Iran that is commonly thought to be a very hot county in which you’ll find blistering deserts sprawling here or there with rolling sand dunes that would quite welcome you if you were interested to ski on them. Still, here it is; Dizin Ski Resort and our hotel in Dizin are like the country’s treasured secret and it’s truly amazing that you will not see much snow on your way to this resort until in the last ten minutes of the ride on the road. It sort of unfolds to you, takes you by surprise and then embraces you.

Dizin Ski Resort’s Skiing Experience

There is one basic ingredient to a good skiing experience at any ski resort and that is fine powdery snow. Not only does a powdery snow help you ski more smoothly, but also it cushions your falls, and cushioning the falls is most important especially if you’re a beginner and might fall on the slopes quite frequently. Needless to say, Dizin Ski Resort has the best powdery snow ever. The reason behind this fortune is that Dizin Ski Resort is located at a very high altitude and so the snow falls in a very fine powdery form.
Another reason that makes skiing at Dizin Ski Resort very pleasant, is that you do not stay in long slowly-moving lines to use the chairlifts or the gondolas. There are good and efficient lift equipment at the resort that will help you try the very long ski runs of the resort over and over. You’ll really appreciate the fast moving lines here if you have experienced the long lines at European ski resort that move as fast as a decrepit snail.   
The cost of the entrance to Dizin Ski Resort is ridiculously lower than that to European ski resorts. It’ll cost you around 25 US dollars to enter this ski resort in Iran and ski for the whole day. The low costs at the resort are not just about the ticket; there are many other things like renting the ski equipment, food, drinks etc. that are really cheap at Dizin Ski Resort.

Dizin Ski Resort’s Hotels; Dizin Hotel

Dizin Hotel , Hotel in DizinThere is no more convenient accommodation facility around Dizin Ski Resort than Dizin Hotel. This hotel in Dizin is in fact an accommodation complex and is just a 2-minute walk from the ski resort. Dizin hotel's rooms offer you a great view of the slopes and mountains in the region. Aside from the two large buildings that are wrongly known as Dizin Hotel 1 and Dizin Hotel 2_ they both belong to the same Dizin Hotel, there are many beautiful timber chalets that have been built in the same style as that of the chalets in Switzerland.  

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