Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dizin Hotel , Hotel in Dizin

Dizin Hotel , Hotel in DizinOne of the main factors that would attract a tourist to a hotel is the facilities that the hotel offers to its guests. And I do not believe there are many hotels around the world that are as lucky as Dizin Hotel; wrongly referred to as Dizin Hote 1 and Dizin Hotel 2_ both of the buildings belong to Dizin Hotel_ this hotel in Dizin has the International Dizin Ski Resort as one of its facilities.

Dizin Hotel’s Location

Located at a distance of around 140 km from Iran’s capital, Tehran, Dizin Hotel boasts not only its great ski resort, but also its amazing surroundings; this hotel in Dizin is located at the heart of the Alborz Mountain Range in the north of Iran. To reach Dizin Hotel you’ll have to take the beautiful Chalus road snaking through the mountains to the north west of Tehran. And you won’t get any idea how Dizin Region looks like until you are around the middle of Chalus Road. Although the difference is most striking to people who have already stayed in chaotic Tehran for a few nights, but Dizin Region’s majestic mountains and modest river are enchanting to any observer’s eyes.

Dizin Ski Resort and Our Hotel in Dizin

Here at Dizin Hotel, we think of the International Dizin Ski Resort as our prize facility. Our hotel in Dizin attracts thousands of tourists not only in winters, but also in summers when the resort offers you the chance to try grass skiing. The skiing quality that Dizin Ski Resort offers the skiers is truly world class; we receive many European guests at Dizin Hotel and they have assured us that skiing at Dizin Ski Resort is even better than that in Alps.

Dizin Hotel , Hotel in Dizin Seven Hostel’s Dizin Ski Tour Packages

For those ski lovers who would like to book both their accommodation at Dizin Hotel and also their transportation to the hotel as a tour package, Seven Hostel in Tehran offers the best rates. These tour packages that are run from this hostel in Tehran, include both your transportation to and your accommodation at our hotel in Dizin, and are meant for the tourists who would like to stay one night or two in Tehran after their exhausting flights to IKA international airport. Seven Hostel in Tehran also provides its guests with its very convenient airport pickup that will cost you just $20.

Book a Dizin Ski Tour at Seven Hotel in Tehran Here and Stay at Dizin Hotel

Dizin Hotel’s Airport Pickup

For those tourists who would like to go to Dizin Hotel straight away after their arrival at the airport, our hotel in Dizin has signed a contract with Seven Hostel in Tehran that provides our guest with their airport pickup services from IKA airport directly to Dizin Hotel with only $60.
Book a Room and Airport Pickup at Our Hotel in Dizin Here

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